Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hits4Pay. Moneymaker or Scam?

I joined Hits4Pay about two weeks ago as an experiment.
My purpose was twofold.
I wanted to see if the marketing scheme provided any real potential as a part time online business, and secondly, I was curious to see if it was just another scam.

Hits4Pay is a marketing scheme whereby advertisers send advertising emails to the members via Hits4Pay. The job of the member is to read the emails. It is as simple as that.
Some of the revenue Hits4Pay receives from the advertisers is shared between the members.
Members receive 2 cents for each email they read, and if they want to further enhance their earnings they have the opportunity by making use of the referral scheme.
If they refer the plan to other participants, the initiating referrer receives 1 cent for each email read by their downline. The downline extends to a two tier level.

The concept sounded like a simple revenue sharing scheme, where advertisers promote their products and services to the members in the belief that they generate sales from the ads they distribute. The members are both the readers and the consumers.

In principle the marketing plan is sound and easy to participate in here is the problem.

Where are the ads?

In my first two weeks I have received about 12 ads to read, which gives me total revenue of 24 cents.
My question to Hits4Pay is this? Where are the ads?

How does Hits4Pay expect me to recommend their plan to others when all I can show them is an estimated income of about 50 cents a month?

At this stage I cannot endorse this plan is a genuine opportunity.

Perhaps Hits4Pay does not have the ads to distribute. I do not know why they are sending so few.

I will see if it picks up in the next couple of weeks and then I will write them an email, asking them for a “please explain”.
There will be a further update in the future.


Anonymous said...

ha ha I joined out of curiousity, not assuming to get rich quick or anything, but wanted to know what this was all about. and I find my self asking the exact same question, "where are the ads!" haha , so with that I too will wait aother 2 weeks then likely take more of my precious time and delete my hits4pay account.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely a scam; they cut you off at 24.98 and you never get to 'payout' at $25 - they stopped my ads in May 2008 and won't send any more.
Do not waste your time here.

EliZabeth said...

I have been a member of Hits4pay for about 2 weeks and I have already received my first check. If you guys actually read the FAQ and the instructions then you wouldn't be having these problems. If they cut you off at $24.98, its because you didn't submit your tax info. This is a real company as you must do that in order to get paid and they send you a form at the end of the year for your taxes. I have been looking for an at home work program for about 2 years and this is by far the best I have even seen, I cannot believe it took so long to find out about it.

copy and paste this url to sign up:
Or you can email me @ if you would like some more info or have any questions.


A12ozProphet said...

Elisabeth: Hello. You don't make mention or offer any proof of money you supposedly made. Any dweeb at the company could post a comment like yours to try and legitimize what others are saying is a bogus operation. Let see some proof!

MikeC said...

Hits4Pay stole my time/money.

I joined September of 2008 after receiving an unsolicited e-mail from a member looking for associates. I looked them up on the web and most of the feedback I read back then said it was a legitimate business and could make a few pennies a day.

From September of 2008 until May of 2009 I spent time reading their emails; I contacted the advertisers more than once to get more information and made 2 purchases from them. I finally got to over $25 sometime in May. On June 1 they zeroed out my account and their records show they sent a payment to my PayPal account. Today is June 8th and the money has not showed up in my account which is perfectly good since I use it at least once a week to send and receive payments.

I have tried contacting them numerous times through their feedback link on their web site, but have not received a response. I tried contacting the person that originally sent me the unsolicited e-mail, the first email attempt bounced back with a message that a URL in the content of the message is in 2 black lists. I removed the Hits4Pay URL in his original message and the e-mail went through, I have not received a response yet and I am not holding my breath for one.

Early in the process I submitted my correct tax information to make sure there was not a problem with this as stated in their FAQ.

As far as I can see Hits4Pay is a scam.

BigTim323 said...

A buddy of mine sent it to me only after he got paid $25.00 he wanted to make sure it was legit. But he did say it took a long time but he did get the first check before he told me about it. Not a get rich or part time job but not a scam. How is it a Scam didn't cost to do?

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